CS2236 White 600px wide
The Oce CS2236 is an A0 size plotter designed for printing out technical drawings and full page graphics. It has the ability to print an A0 drawing in under 1 minute or an A1 drawing in under 30 seconds and turn around time between plots is extremely fast. This makes the CS2236 one of the most productive, yet affordable inkjet plotters for high-speed plot production on the market.

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The Oce CS2236 comes with standard CMYK printing plus the addition of pigment black for all your Mono technical drawings. This ensures that Mono production drawings are of the highest quality and durability whilst Colour drawings have a wide colour gamut.

The Oce CS2236 has a range of papers and paper sizes built into its memory and these correlate perfectly with the Windows Printer Driver. What this means is that you get dependable plotting at the paper sizes you pick - perfectly centered and perfectly printed. No guesswork wondering if the print will look correct on the paper and no trial and error prints. If you like what you see Contact Us.