Oce CS2236 printhead
The Oce CS2236 uses print technology developed in association with Canon and is an advanced unit that features auto-correction at all times to ensure perfect and consistent line and fill quality. It can deliver a resolution of 2400 x 1200 dpi. Ultrafast, high-quality output drawings look fantastic at 600dpi. Go for the highest resolution on a paper such as Oce SmartFit Media and you have professional poster output for all your high resolution graphics.

The printhead is capable of producing approximately 5,200 A1 prints (2,600 A0 prints or 10,400 A2 prints) before it will need replacing, subject to good plot conditions. Usage of the printhead represents approximately 10p per A1 print. Typical usage of 6 A1 plots per day will give you a printhead life of approximately 3 years.

The Maintenance Cassette is used to collect any excess ink from head wipes and cleans in normal day-to-day use. Over time it will fill and will need changing. Cassettes are prices at £36.66 + VAT. With typical usage you will need about one cassette per year. One is included with your new plotter.